How We Socially Approach the Pokies and Slots Machines

There are literally hundreds of pages of stuff written about gambling as a human experience. No kidding, it is unbelievable how much stuff is out there for all to see, but when you get right down to it, one of the truly cool things about gambling, especially forms of gambling where you are up against a machine and not your fellow players, is the sense of brotherhood/sisterhood with your fellow players.

You don’t really see that sort of thing happen at the card tables. Perhaps the blackjack table, because it’s you against the house and not the other players, but none of the other games really.

When you get to the slots machines, video poker machines (aka the pokies) and feel the rush of energy that hangs over the aisles of machines. It is a feeling unlike any other in the world. When you are at an online casino it’s not quite the same unless you’ve developed friends there (or in the real world who you share the experience with) and opened a chat window (if the online casino has that feature) and then can experience the feeling remotely. But even online there is still that being part of something. Like soldiers bond against a common foe or a sports team up against a mortal enemy.

As mentioned before, blackjack players may experience that bonding if they are of the right disposition (meaning the socializing type) and the right conditions exist. Those conditions are usually the right kind of dealer who by the strength of their personality can bring the players together, which can happen by either positive or negative re-enforcement. Positively it can happen by a friendly dealer who empathizes with the players or by an antagonistic dealer, who by sheer annoying traits rallies the players indirectly to bond against them. It is incredible to see this unfold. Racial differences, sexual differences or religious differences disappear under the gaze of a common enemy: the house dealer.

So, in the online world this occurs differently, but it does happen. Have any of you ever had your friends over for an online casino party? They are the coolest thing. You develop a network of friends who enjoy the same thing that you do: playing the pokies online. And then you orchestrate an evening where they all get together at one of the member’s homes and have an evening of it. This can work on any game really, but you have to be careful if the game is a competitive one and you are all playing against each other like with poker in the same poker room. It can still be okay, but that depends on the players and how mature they are about losing to each other. Some can handle that, some can’t. You be the judge.

But with a game like slots machines or pokie machines it can work like a dream. You pick a night to hook up. If you are going to be drinking then choosing a weekend night is probably better for the sake of NOT driving home tipsy. Everyone makes sure they bring a sleeping bag and their laptops. Cooking a dinner or ordering out can be the perfect start for the evening coupled with some socializing. Then you break out the lapops and everyone logs on to their accounts and has at her. It is all of you against the online casino and it’s great! You can bounce frustrations and triumphs off of each other. Really make it a social event to remember and plan for again. And you get to do it all from the comfort and safety of your home (or your friend’s home who is the host this week).

Developing a good social network of friends to experience your online casino pleasure is solid thing from a psychological perspective. Being at home alone while gambling can mean that you are more likely to get yourself into a depression if you start losing in a big way. but with a network of friends who also gamble means that if things go wrong you have support right there. Even if you are gambling alone that particular night, chances are that you’d be able to call one of them and get yourself pulled up out of the funk you got yourself into. And by someone who knows, not a friend with no gambling experience.

These are all positive factors that help make your online gambling experience the best that it can be. And really that is what we all want. Sure winning is the ultimate goal and no sane gambler will argue that point, but having fun is also part of it. Coming away from the evening’s playing with a smile on your face and being able to joke with your friends is a close second place. Think about any time you have gone out to a brick & mortar casino alone. Now think about the times you’ve gone out with friends to the same casino? Which of the two experiences was the better one? Most of you will say the one enjoyed in the company of friends.

Now the social aspect of gambling with friends is something that the female gamblers probably know all about. There are statistics to support this that women tend to hit casinos (be they brick & mortar casinos or online casinos) as a form of social bonding. Their primary focus is doing it together with winning as a close second place, but men are a different story.

Men tend to be less social as they get older and have to be pushed a bit to get into the groove of socialized gambling, but the benefits are huge. Men typically gamble for winning money and for the thrill of the wager, which is fine if they don’t hit a stretch of poor luck. This is where they may need a kick in the pants by any female casino friends to join the group and become part of something. It doesn’t take much to get them involved, but they usually have to be made welcome.

The bottom line is that we are social creatures and experiencing something with friends is always better for us than alone.



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Take part in online casino games for full fun and good win

Playing slots games is no more difficult now, as I have experienced in online gambling. You just need to know, how to play and how to win there and everything will be done in easiest way. There are many online websites, which can offer you online gaming of casino games for real money. If you have interested in playing online slots games, then surely you are going to win good amount there.

Even beginners can play it easily:

As I was new in online gaming, so I thought it will be very tough for me to play and win in slots games. I simply registered in the gamboling website and deposited my amount for first play. I got confidence, when the casino website has offered me welcome bonus. I mean it has worked as boon for my game. I have entered in the slots section of the website and played game.

The win is really very easy there:

As we all know, in slot game you have to get winning combination. Online slots games are too easy to play and winning chances are really very high. I simply won the game in second chance and it was amazing for me because I had never won in ground based casino games. I simply recommend you to play online slots, if you want to make good amount with huge amusement in online casino game.

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What you will get in online slot games and why these are attractive?

There are many people, who don’t believe that online slots games are safe to play and win. I was also part of that huge crowd, who has the same thinking, but thinking is changed in this concern, when I firstly played the slot games online. This was a very pleasant experience for me and I also won good money in that game. As people think online gambling sites can cheat you, but it is not true and these destinations are fully safe to win.

You get two options to play slot games:

When, I was started playing slots games online, I had experienced that it comes in two verities. First game is online flash game to which you don’t need to download and you can play straight online. Another version is downloaded version. First I thought to play in flash version, but it was not so attractive, then I tried the downloaded version.

You will get all real thrill and graphics

Online casino can also seem real, if the graphics are appealing. In downloaded version I felt the same thing. Sound effects and visual effects were really good. The online slots games were attracted me because of their overall view. I won many times and now I play daily these games.

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Learn all basics of slot games through online casinos

As there are numerous individuals, who don’t know what are slots games and how to play them. I am also one of them. Direct investment in the ground based casino’s slot games can be very dangerous for our financial status, so I decided to take part in online slots games. I found online casino games offering the same view and thrill as ground based casinos.

Good way of learning gambling:

I am fully supporting this fact that one can learn many basics of gambling through online gambling joints. When I was begun playing slots games, I did know nothing about it but now I have become an expert. You are probably thinking how, so answer is game playing support offered by the gambling website. they try to make you win through all possible ways.

No disturbance only game:

If we go to ground based casinos, there are many people, who disturb us during our game. In online slots you can play your separate game by applying all possible strategies. It has helped me in planning better and winning the slots games many times. Try it to be expert of gambling and then take part in casinos to win money.

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Things which make online gaming better than real casino games

imagesThe best thing about online gambling I experienced that it offers you huge chances of winning games and money. I have experienced it all, while I was playing the slots games. This was truly a wonderful experience for me because I won more than five times in a day. You are thinking it is impossible to do in slots games, but according to me it is not impossible in online casinos.

Huge bonus with supportive instruction:

Almost people like me, who try to play casino games, they are first timers. The gambling was quite new thing for me and I had never played before. When I have put my game play amount in online casino, they have suddenly offered me bonus of registration. My confidence was high and I also got website’s support to play the slots games.

Everything is fare and no worry for safety:

Off course online gambling is safe. They apply very protective algorithm to provide you fare games. if you have strong luck and perfect strategies of playing games, then you can easily make money through slots. Now I regularly play the casino games online and many times I have won good amount. You can also win, if you are interested in making money through easiest way.

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Now playing casino is too easy for us just go online and play the game!!

Hence you all know, how exciting casino games are, I also tried it and got unforgettable amusement there. I mostly prefer to play slots games. These games are easy to play and you can find it in every casino. These games require no extra gambling expertise and you can easily win good amount in this game, if your luck is strong. Since there was no ground based casino in my town and I wanted to play slots games, so I tried it online. Firstly I was thought that it will be like playing kids games, but when I played and won, I realized that online gambling is also quite beneficial and similar as the ground based casino’s gambling.

Online gambling offers user friendly interaction to play comfortably:

This is true and I realized it, while I was playing slots games online. Firstly I thought that there will be no chances of winning the game, so I have taken part in those games for just time pass. I have invested the lowest amount in that online casino game. When I have preceded the whole process of slots games, at first my luck not worked, but in next chance I got the winning combination. It was unbelievable for me, but I was won!!

I got welcome bonus and the real feel of casino:

Who says that if there is no casino in your town, then you can’t do gambling? The online casino is made to provide you whole real fun of casinos at your home. I got the same experience at the online gambling site and it has become so beneficial for me. Remember when you go to play online casino games, many websites offer you welcome bonus so that you can enjoy the game with full confidence and luck. I was lucky because I won, try your luck and you can also become the winner of slots games.

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Just start online gambling, if you are feeling bore at home

Gambling is really a thrilling thing to do, what I got from my experience. I was simply feeling bore and trying to do something exciting and then I suddenly saw an online gambling site on the internet. I thought, it is only time pass games with no money, but when I entered in the website, so I got quality graphics and complete feel on ground based casino, the sound effects, graphical presentation was so good, so I decided to play slots games there.

It was very easy to operate in online slots game:

First of all website asked me to create my account for playing the game and then I filled whole form and proceed next. I got good welcome bonus from the gambling site and then I started playing slots games. The game was easy to play and it was very user friendly edition of online gambling. I have started playing and won three times in this game.

No risk in money transaction:

As I paid gambling amount from my credit card, there was no risk in that. Even the withdrawal of winning amount is so easy in online gambling. Whenever you are feeling bore, you must try to play online slots. It is amazing and full real like ground based casino.

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